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  Official Connections video/photography production Studio was designed to provide us with a flexible and professional space to produce the high-quality products that our clients expect. Which we have opened it up to businesses and individuals who is just looking for space and the resources to produce their own video's or portfolio's in a professional and convenient environment.

  Our studio rental includes a 25'x35'ft open space, with (2) all white side walls and 20ft ceilings, which is large enough to accommodate full room sets, vehicles and tracking jib shots. The studio is also home of various colors of backdrops/props, with ceiling to floor full green screen for keying and special effects work. Drive up access to a full size roll-up door to make loading sets, props and vehicles quick and easy. We have a full complement of lighting instruments, grip gear, audio, stands and strobe lighting. Which we are always there to lend a helping hand if needed, so if there is any other equipment that may be needed for your project just let us know what you may be lacking or looking for, because we do provide additional equipment rental services as well.

  Reserve the studio for a single hour or a full day, which every best fits your needs. We also can spread your time out over a short time period due to your project.


  -Approximate date or time frame of rental
  -Duration of rental
  -Type of shoot; stills/film/video/sound
  -Number of people involved with the shoot including crew and talent
  -If there will be minors under 18yrs of age involved
  -Type of lighting; strobes, hot lights, HMI, etc
  -Any special requirements; vehicle inside, bringing in sets/flats
  -Any kind of rental equipment that may be needed; Cameras, microphones, sliders, jibs, etc

                                                                    OFFICIAL CONNECTIONS STUDIO, RENTAL RESERVATION/RATE SHEET

 Use of the studio is by reservation only and requires the following in advance:

  -Signed Rental Agreement. Which you will be bound by all terms and conditions of this rate sheet and Rental Agreement, So please read them carefully.   
  -Full payment of rental fee and deposits.
  -Photocopy of Renter's drivers license or Valid ID. Copy may be made at studio at time of rental.
  -Certificate of General Liability Insurance may be required. See Rental Agreement.
  -Official Connections Studio reserves the right to refuse reservations at its sole discretion.

  Half day rentals are up to 4 hours and must be (between 9:00am and 3:00pm) or (4:00pm and 9:00pm). Full day rentals are up to 8 hours (between 8:00am and 10:00pm). Additional 30% additional for any hours needed after 10:00pm. 


                         STUDIO RENTAL:                                                               CLEANING/DAMAGE DEPOSIT:

                          $50 / PER HOUR                                                                     $10  

                          $175 / (4)HOUR BLOCK - HALF DAY                                        $20

                          $350 / (8)HOUR BLOCK - FULL DAY                                        $30

                          $500 / (12)HOUR BLOCK                                                         $40 

                          STUDIO RENTAL INCLUDES: (Some added cost for certain equipment)

  -Use of the 875 sq. ft shooting space with 20ft ceilings
  -Dressing room / Salon and makeup area
  -Restrooms and Lobby area
  -(1) - 6ft folding table 
  -Kitchen area (Microwave, Coffee maker, Fridge,). water, drinks is available at studio price.
  -Extension cords
  -(2) Step stools 2ft/3ft
  -Stereo system with CD player and iPod connections
  -(4) Soft boxes (additional fee)
  -(2) Reflective umbrellas (additional fee)
  -(2) Color backdrops (more colors and styles available  for additional fee)
  -(1) Rotating fan


   Set up and break-down must begin and conduce inside rental period. studio must be cleaned and vacated by the end of the rental period. If you need an earlier load in time or won't be wrapped and out on time, there will be an overtime charge of $20/hour. Overtime must be requested at time of booking.


  The studio can accommodate vehicles through a 10ft x 10ft roll up door at the grade level loading bay. If you want to shoot a car or motorcycle, you will have to make that request at the time of booking. Floors must be protected from all tire marks and fluid stains. All damages will be at the expense of the renter.


  Lighting and accessories are for rent only in conjunction with studio rental and must be kept on the premises. If you need to rent light for a location shoot please let us know and we will get you pricing on that.


   -The studio also available for events. please contact us to discuss the rates and time needed.

Contact info:

  Phone: 1-(919)-641-1826